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What or better said, who is ´Spanish Courses Altea´

spanish courses altea

Spanish courses Altea; My name is Javi Mateo, I am a Spanish citizen from Alicante and based in the beautiful village of Altea. My background is in the world of pedagogy, psychology and nursing. Though originally I was an English teacher, I have become a Spanish teacher after studying through Cervantes Institute and Spanish Courses Altea is the consequence of that. While achieving my studies I worked in different fields such as Sports, Leisure and Hospitality. Furthermore I taught at different national public schools, a Norwegian private school (currently teaching there). Further I instructed Dutch trainees for a Dutch firm here in the area of Altea combining all this while teaching private students.

Spanish courses Altea; I am passionate about languages, I am studying Dutch and Norwegian grammar to apply that to my Classes with Dutch and Norwegian students and I have a basic knowledge of Dutch and I am starting to speak this beautiful language. Dutch has been connected to my professional and private life for years.

Learn Spanish in Altea and join the 350 million people that speak Spanish

Spanish courses Altea; I am very fond of and passionate about Spanish, my own language, which I teach with devotion and dedication. Spanish or as we call it here in Spain “Castellano”, is a language spoken worldwide in more than 20 countries, being the second most spoken language in the western world with about 350 million Spanish-speakers, including 35 million inhabitants in the United States of Hispanic origin, so why not give it a try and learn such an influential language!

I love teaching and enriching myself through your cultures, views and attitudes as well I am very enthusiastic about my own country and eager to share with you my nation and all the peculiarities and idiosyncrasies of the Spanish people. The Costa Blanca and Altea offer a sensational and ideal environment to study Spanish whilst celebrating your holidays or enjoying life here as a resident. Combine studying with the marvellous weather we have here the whole year round. A sunny scenery with picturesque towns along the coast and in the interior, the Costa Blanca offers an incomparable frame of beauty, nature, pleasure and culture.

To finish my introduction I would like to point out that thanks to my students I have become a better teacher. I am convinced that teaching is something bidirectional. I am not the only active part in the process of teaching, from you, my students, I learn a lot and it makes me, without a doubt, a more empathetic and attentive teacher to understand your necessities, and that is why, I want to thank you in advance because I am sure that I will learn a lot from you. We all gain in the teaching process. You learn from me and I learn from you.

I hope to welcome you to one of my classes or courses in Altea, feel invited!

Best Regards,

Javi Mateo Requena