Conversation in Groups

Conversation lessons in groups Spanish courses Altea

Conversation groups can be one of the most stimulating situations a teacher can face. Depending on the level of the group, a teacher has the advantage of being able to introduce authentic materials such as newspapers, films and songs to encourage conversation.

In high-level classes it can be fun to organize debates, discussion on current issues or even just small talk. It is important to find the right balance when correcting students’ pronunciation and grammar while speaking. There is no better way to improve your Spanish conversation skills than through practice, and group classes help you master the language you need to speak with confidence. In each class we can cover a different topic each day. You practice useful Spanish with same-level students to quickly build your speaking and listening abilities.

Participation adds interest. It helps to hear another voice as well as an answer or another point of view. It engages students by making questions to pique their interest, get them to think and motivate them to make connections with the content. It provides feedback to the teacher when students answer or try to explain, teachers can see the extent of their understanding as well as it provides feedback to the students when teachers ask questions or seek student input over a topic

Participation can also be used to balance who’s contributing in class and how much and it encourages dialogue among and between students and it can be used to develop important speaking skills. Students can be asked to comment on what another student has said. A question can be asked and students can be invited to discuss possible answers with each other.