Intensive tutoring in groups

Intensive group tutoring at Spanish courses Altea

Many people not only find group learning a lot of fun, but also gain extra motivation from practicing Spanish together with others. Anyone who appreciates the flexibility and opportunities for success offered by a small group, and wishes to make rapid progress in their new language, will find exactly what they are looking for in a group.

Intensive training is one of the major advantages of teaching groups is that the teacher can easily vary the types of activities used. For example teachers may choose to lead an activity, and then split the class into pairs or smaller groups. Teamwork can also be successful since many students like to be competitive. The focus of lessons can easily be placed on the students rather than the teacher, which is obviously more difficult with individual lessons. Working in a group will motivate many students, as they share their ideas and doubts and help one another to learn while creating new relationships and, hopefully, friendships. Healthy competition can be a motivating factor and students can encourage each other to learn.

Teachers and students often feel more comfortable when the class size is smaller, a maximum of five students. Students generally feel more comfortable voicing their questions and opinions and teachers can design customized lessons to meet the needs and interests of all of the class members.

The first and foremost benefit of group work is that they increase the amount of student practice. Working in groups students can learn from one another a lot. Moreover, they improve their listening, speaking and understanding skills. The students can use the language freely and express their opinions and thoughts without any restrictions.