Group classes Spanish


Group classes Spanish 

Group work increases the opportunities for all learners to speak Spanish, it allows them to learn from each other, and frees the teacher to monitor individuals and give them feedback. Learning Spanish in a group is much more effective than one-to-one lessons when it comes to interacting with other students. It is easier to get more motivated and enthusiastic about learning Spanish.

Unlike one to one classes, in group work it is easier to brainstorm ideas, share your ideas and concepts and understand ideas from the rest of the students. Learning in groups it also contributes to creativity. In a group there are students with different personality characteristics and this variety will bring diversity of ideas. Students can discover things for themselves, but at the same time they can be exposed and open to new ideas which come from their partners, they question these new ideas, they respond to these new ideas and learn how to explore and develop them.

The last but not the least advantage of learning in a group is peer collaboration. Peer collaboration helps them to overcome shyness, get rid of complexes and discover leadership qualities in themselves. Students learn as well how to support each other points of view or reject them.

There are some benefits that can arise from group work. Students can become more open, others more helpful, and others more confident.

Remember: Two heads are better than one!